About The Crypto Kiosk

Our vision is simple: To bring cryptocurrency to the masses.  With the extraordinary growth of bitcoin in 2017 there has been a massive influx of new interest in the bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency marketplace, yet many are still confused and skeptical of this new technology.  And I should know, because I was one of them.

I heard of bitcoin in 2009. That's right, 2009, the year Satoshi Nakamoto released his famous bitcoin white paper.  But did I do anything about it? No. I brushed it off, even villainized it as the new digital currency that would be wholly controlled and distributed by the New World Order.

Fast forward to 2017. My precious metal holdings had been stagnant for years and bitcoin was approaching parity with gold. "It's just a bubble..." I thought. Then I learned of a new cryptocurrency called Ethereum, which had rocketed from $16 in March to over $400 in June.  It was then I knew I had to take my head out of the sand and do some serious research into this phenomenon, if for no other reason than acquiring more fuel to pour on the fire of my skepticism.  This was the point where everything changed.

This is why The Crypto Kiosk exists - to be a gateway between the average person and the cryptocurrency marketplace. This was goal of our physical location, and is still the goal of our company as we provide one-on-one consulting services to allow anyone to access the crypto market and learn how to safely and securely manage their cryptoassets. We also sell premium-quality goods including ultra-soft ring-spun tees, educational literature, and hardware wallets.

We look forward to serving you on this journey towards a financial and technological revolution!