Two Week Update

This weekend marks the two week anniversary of TCK!  It has been a fascinating experiment diving into the minds of the general public and discovering their sentiment towards bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.   I have found there are three broad categories that people fall into:

The Enthusiast - You and I! (I am assuming “you” because you have found your way to our cryptocurrency website, which is no small task!) These are obviously my favorite category of people as they are usually very excited to see the shop and ready to talk all things crypto. They are invested, sometimes heavily (bucking the adage “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose”), and overall passionate people of all ages (the youngest 11 and oldest lower 60’s). These folks have my 💙.

The Seeker - “What’s up with this bitcoin thing?” So glad you asked. This category can be the most fun to converse with as they are especially inquisitive and want to learn more.  There are two subcategories within this group: the intimidated and the unacquainted.  The intimidated have heard of bitcoin but think the learning curve is simply too steep that pursuing their own independent study would prove a waste of time. This is where a simple, brief explanation can do wonders in unlocking their confidence in their own ability to understand.  I then of course recommend one of the three exceptional titles we carry to help start them on their journey toward crypto-enlightenment! The unacquainted are another fun bunch. These are people who have actually never heard of bitcoin, but once engaged in conversation they become intrigued and want to learn more. The Seeker is the largest category of the three.

The Skeptic - “I can’t see it, I can’t touch it, I don’t believe it.”  It’s not impossible, but this group is very difficult to persuade that cryptoassets possess any form of intrinsic value. This group is usually educated with various backgrounds, sometimes engineering, sometimes computer science, and they have legitimate concerns. I love these kinds of people because they not only challenge me to gain a deeper understanding, but also stretch me in my ability to articulate a reaponse without hiding behind cryptospeak technobabble (how can they not see the value in decentralized autonomous organizations and cross-chain atomic swaps?!)  I do gain a level of satisfaction from these interactions when I see them concede [at least] one of my arguments, and I think seeing our shop and engaging in these conversations brings them that much closer to becoming members of one of the other two categories.

These interactions have been one of the most enjoyable aspects of this venture and I look forward to meeting new enthusiasts, seekers, and skeptics every day!


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