The Crypto Kiosk - Day 9

Lots of traffic today, and as the day was winding down we made one final sale...and I'm excited to say it was our first sale paid entirely in crypto!  A customer asked if we accept crypto and I said of course, we currently accept 10 difference cryptocurrencies and offer a 10% discount for orders paid with crypto. He chose to pay with Litecoin (smart man!) so I opened up our Coin Payments account, entered the dollar amount and selected LTC, which calculated the corresponding LTC amount. He entered the LTC amount on his phone and scanned our wallet QR code, and voilà!  The process was so fast and easy, it was really an awesome experience, I hope more people start to shop this way!

Lots more to do tonight so no time to add more highlights of the day, but I had to share that quick story!


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