The Crypto Kiosk - Day 8

The weekend is back and it's been a great Friday so far! Building our social media presence and expanding our network has been a big focus this week. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @crypto_kiosk for daily updates!

HIghlights from Day 8:

Visit from Vancouver: This morning a shopper stopped to look at the shop and I found out she was in town from Canada for a conference. She'd been in bitcoin for 2 years (cha-ching!) and her brother is mining in her parent's basement (free electricity amirite? not really, sorry mom...)  We had an enthralling conversation about crypto and especially educating the masses.  Tons of creative energy was flowing and I look forward to following up on the ideas we shared! Check out our Tweet shoutout to her here!

From skeptic to believer: Two guys stopped to check out our BTC snapbacks and I asked if they had any bitcoin. One of them said no but he wanted people to think he did so that's why he was looking at the hat! I laughed and asked why he didn't have any and he said his friends just didn't like it...simple enough argument to refute, so I did. After 5 minutes he was convinced his friends didn't know what they were talking about and began the Coinbase signup process! He also left with a fresh new BTC snapback!

Lots of other interactions are happening and every time it's exciting to know where people have come from in their journey with crypto. Meeting lots of international travelers, some from countries where bitcoin is illegal.  Crazy to imagine, but governments don't give up control easily, especially when it comes to the money supply.  Unfortunately that's become the main focus of most governments these days.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Until tomorrow.


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