The Crypto Kiosk - Day 3

The weekend has come to a close and what an experience it’s been! I don’t think the look on crypto investor’s faces when they see the shop will ever get old. I love learning about what people are hodling, how long they’ve been in, and anything else about their journey through crypto.

Highlights from Day 3:

Passive Income: A guy and his buddies put $23,000 into Ethereum mining equipment and built a soundproof room in one of their houses to run it.  They expected to recoup their investment after 12 months, but after Ethereum’s breakout beyond $400 last year they were able to pay it off in three months and now collect only profit.  I think I need to look more into mining...great job guys!

New Converts: A man and his wife walked by and glanced at the shop. I asked if they had any bitcoin and they asked “what’s that?” After explaining briefly they both had a fascinated look on their faces and said I was speaking another language, but they wanted to learn more. By the time they left they were set up with a brand new Coinbase account and are planning to transfer money over soon to purchase their first crypto. Look forward to seeing them on the moon!

The Dark Side:  A man walked up with his wife and young son. I asked if he had any cryptos and said he had a little, but he also lost a lot too. Turns out he invested $5,000 into bitconnect...ouch.  I wish our paths had crossed sooner so he could’ve been warned. We need to expose these corrupt organizations and protect people from scams. Education is paramount in this space and we need to look out for each other.

Now the weekend is over and I'm curious to see how the rest of the week goes, I expect traffic to slow down a bit so be on the lookout for improvements to the website.


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