The Crypto Kiosk - Day 2

Day 2 is in the books! More traffic today which resulted in more conversations and more sales which was great. Finding a lot of people stop by because a family member or friend is in crypto, while they themselves haven't gotten involved...yet. It's becoming clear that the community is doing it's part in sharing crypto with loved ones!

Highlights from day 2:

Small world: As I was removing the cover from the kiosk this morning a man walked up and started looking at our merchandise with a curious grin. I asked him if he was invested and he said "oh yes, mainly Ethereum and ICO's." We began talking and I found out he is the head investment manager at the insurance company my family uses. I told him I am an actuary by trade and when he found out what company I worked for he realized we were actually one of his clients! Said he was good friends with the SVP of investments and to tell him we met.  He then bought an Ethereum T-shirt and wished me luck with the venture. Great start to the day!

Next generation: A young kid walked up with his father and younger brother. I asked if he was invested and he said "kinda, sort of..." so with a chuckle I asked what he meant. He said he built his own computer and was mining Ethereum. I was shocked and asked how old he was. He said "13". Wow!  I looked at his dad and said "you have a smart kid right here" and he said "I know, but expensive." We laughed and I told him this is a small investment in his bright future and it will likely payoff much more than these short-term expenses. Love the passion of this kid and the support of his family in helping him pursue it!

It's exciting to meet the community of crypto-enthusiasts in such a public place. It catches them off guard and the energy is electric when they see our shop. Looking forward to more of this and continuing to expand our network.

See you on Day 3!


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