The Crypto Kiosk - Day 1

Today was our official launch at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, and we are very excited about what the future holds for our new venture and the overall cryptocurrency marketplace!

Highlights from the day:

Our first sale: Two international shoppers in town for a work conference, we found out they’ve been in Bitcoin since! Told them we accept crypto payments and they laughed! Said there was no way they were letting go of that value yet. Love it, great meeting those guys!

Crypto freedom: The shop caught the eye of a young man in his late teens. After chatting briefly he shared how because of Litecoin’s price appreciation he was able to buy his first car. Inspiring! Proud of this young man for taking a risk and seeing it pay off. Gave him our card and told him to check out our Litecoin gear on the webstore :)

Double-take: Asked two women if they’d heard of bitcoin as they passed, they nodded and kept walking, so I turned back to the shop, only to hear one of them say “You know what, I actually have some questions about that!” Perfect! That’s why we’re here.

Antiquated thinking: A man in his late 50’s/early 60’s stopped by. We asked if he had any bitcoin and he said “I only have real coins!” and proceeded to call bitcoin a scam, bull$#&% and to stick it up our _____. Sad to see a man unwilling to engage in conversation with an open mind. Crypto is ageless and we hope to help people of all ages see it for what it really is: 

The future.

 Follow along on our journey as we attempt to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. See you tomorrow! ✌️🚀


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  • Successful first day!


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