Experiment Results

The 2-month experiment of The Crypto Kiosk has come to a close with the expiration of our lease today. Upon inception of our idea we chose to open our kiosk during the mall's slow months, which span January - April, since the rent is cheaper. We were hoping our timing would also correlate with the crypto market's recovery, which somewhat transpired towards the end. However, during our two months at the mall it became evident that the general public simply was not educated or interested enough in cryptocurrency to sustain our retail location, so the decision was made to not renew our lease.

We will continue to sell our merchandise at events in the Chicagoland area and right here on our website, and we are in talks with other cryptonauts who are interested in partnering to continue the shop in one form or another, so be on the lookout for developments in the upcoming weeks!

We sincerely thank all those who have supported our shop and look forward to what lies ahead!


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