Easter Weekend Update

It was a great day today at the kiosk, lots of traffic and interest from both hodlers and potential soon-to-be hodlers with plenty of great conversations and great people all around. It's a busy weekend for me with Easter and family but I wanted to share one story from the day:

A group of 6 young adults came up to the kiosk today super pumped to see what we were doing. They all took their phones out and started snapping pics. One of them took advantage of our 10% off crypto payment promotion and paid for his purchase with Litecoin. He scanned our Litecoin QR code and was soon on his way with a fresh new Ethereum tee.  Later, however, I checked our Litecoin wallet on the company Trezor and saw the funds had not been received.

I remembered how the first time he scanned our QR code he received an error, but the second time it went through. I thought his phone accidently picked up one of the other coin's listed on our QR code sheet so when it went through the second time I thought nothing of it.  But after I saw the funds hadn't been deposited I started doing some digging and found out he actually sent his Litecoin to our Bitcoin address!  I immediately assumed the funds were lost, but started doing a little digging and after I few minutes I found out that Trezor actually enables you to recover your coins in this EXACT SITUATION using their recovery tool on their website!  Needless to say I am an even bigger Trezor advocate than I was before, and am simply blown away by the ease and functionality of this simple tool.  If you haven't picked up your Trezor yet, what are you waiting for?!

Happy Easter!


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